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Qingdao Lici Electric Inc.  (stock code: 838855), is a global leading manufacturer of quick mold change system,  is an enterprise of Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) production and research cooperation unit, is the magnetic industry leading technology and high-tech enterprises.


12 years of professional accumulation

100 +

100 person company team


12 service centers


34 patents


1600 square meters Office


3 R & D centers


10 subsidiaries


28000 square meters production base

Core Products

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8 major competitiveness

About products, Lici Electric is even more reliable

  • Capacity advantage

    Capacity advantage

    Owns the world's largest magnetic template manufacturing base.

    Scale production to reduce costs, to provide customers with better cost-effective products.

  • service advantage

    service advantage

    12 service centers radiate the country.

    Service response faster,  after-sales waiting time is shorter, adhere to aervice call reply in 4 hours and arrival to the customer factory in 48 hours.

  • Quality advantage

    Quality advantage

    The first factory equipped with constant temperature and humidity assembly workshop.

    Unstable temperature and humidity can cause the unstable product performance and shortened electrical part’s life.

  • Strength approval

    Strength approval

    Access to national recognition of high-tech enterprises.

    R & D investment is huge , Lici Electric Inc.  always walk in the forefront of the industry.

  • Manufacturing advantage

    Manufacturing advantage

    The first equipped with artificial intelligence robot automatic assembly line.

    Combined with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for research and development, improve lean production.

  • Standard advantage

    Standard advantage

    CE certification,  EUROMAP standard is all our standard.

    In strict accordance with the European standard production, each product has a factory certificate of competency.

  • R & D advantage

    R & D advantage

    The first magnetic technology research institute in collaboration with HIT

    To promote the electro-permanent magnet technology upgrades and innovation, has obtained 34 patents

  • Technical advantages

    Technical advantages

    Using double-pole technology that does not magnetize the mold

    With strong magnetic force, no scattering, uniform magnetic characteristics, in the safety, reliability and service life more advantages

5 strength of our product

Technology, LICI is even more advanced

  • All steel template
  • Keep the magnetic force without electricity for more than 30years
  • Waterproof level P68
  • Remote monitoring real time monitoring
  • Visualization of human machine interface

The world is leading magnetic technology, LICI to help you step into the industry 4.0

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