President said

12 years of focus, accidentally become China's first

Lici Electric Inc.  (Stock Code: 838855) is a global leading manufacturer of Quick Mold Change Systems. The product is mainly used in the field of injection molding machines / stamping machines. 12 years of concentration and dedication, creating the "5 No.1", and strive to become the representative of China's intellectual power. Under the control of 9 subsidiaries, the business extends to 12 countries, is the biggest market share in China's mold change industry , unique competitive international enterprises. President Li Chuan said: "in the next 5 years, we will grow from the Quick mold change " system manufacturer "to" the overall solution service provider ", from" China's LICI "to" World’s LICI "".


Production theory

I am proud of working in a world-class factory

To build a new energy-saving plant, in 2016 to buy the base, covering 67 acres, the building area of 28,000 square meters, build the high comfort, the production value up to RMB 300 million in the industry to beocome the No.1 in the world.

Independent research and development of intelligent robots, will be used in the assembly line, the real realization of lean production, effectively guarantee the quality of stability; constant temperature and humidity workshop, from the source to reduce the product due to instability in the assembly temperature, humidity will lead to shorten the electrical life possibly.

R&D Theory

We can change the future with new technology

We have 40 control engineers, the establishment of three benchmarking research center, and HIT to carry out close production and research cooperation, the annual R & D funding of not less than 20%, so far has developed 13 product categories, gains 34 national patents, each innovation represents a progress in the industry.


Technology theory

Technician says that this quality standard is close to metamorphosis

LICI always to make "the world's first standard" strict demands on ourselves, the establishment of the industry's most stringent quality standards system. Each product of LICI, not only in strict accordance with the European CE standards, ISO9001 standard production, but also through strict internal level audit, all qualified to get factory permits to ensure that the highest quality specifications.

3 process
Raw material inspection
68 process
Technological process
12 process
Experimental sampling
3 process
Finished product technical test
Standard certification+

Marketing theory

Marketing says that the world is calling us

With good market reputation, customers in domestic and abroad take the initiative to seek cooperation,  Recently, LICI is doing marketing network the geometric speed expansion, participation in the global economic competition, a global marketing & service system, and gradually developed into a global company , To provide customers with more convenient and better service.

Personnel theory

Personnel said that young people love to work here

The headquarters of LICI Electric Inc. , located in Tian’an Digital City, Qingdao is the largest technology incubator base. More than 1600 square meters of its independent office building, with SOHO design, multi-functional partition, office environment open and comfortable, work and enjoy the life as well as young people favorite place here.

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