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1Professional pre-sales service
  • Personnel research on the equipment model, product type, scale of production to assess.

    Pre-sales survey assessment

  • Design the right product solution according to the customer's existing situation.

    Advance customization plan

  • To provide authoritative experts to carry out technical exchanges, to explore the best solution for magnetic.

    Magnetic technology exchange

2Tight in the sale of services
  • A more detailed comprehensive assessment, according to the detailed needs of the design diagram.

    Further accurate assessment

  • In strict accordance with the European CE standards established, the implementation of scientific and advanced project management.

    Quality assurance system

  • Issued a test report to ensure that each device in strict accordance with the technical requirements of customers delivery.

    Strict inspection

  • The installation of the plant before the detection of whether there are flaws, after the installation of qualified after acceptance.

    Installation test

3A good after-sales service
  • To provide a full range of products and technical services training, detailed to each production process of various factors.

    Free training

  • Family-style service to ensure safe production throughout the year, and completely solve the equipment maintenance worries.

    Annual security

  • To provide professional upgrades, spare parts, relocation and other services, so that the overall system has always maintained the best condition.

    Upgrade services

  • The technical commissioner regularly inspect the use of the machine, optimize the use of equipment to answer the various problems.

    Regular return visit

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