If you are interested in the magnetic industry, it happens that you have one of the following channels of resources
Welcome together with us, work with Lici Electric Inc. to create the era of Industry 4.0
1995 -2015, is the era of robotics! The future, is the era of magnetic force, for Lici Electric!
market capacity
Current market share
Annual market growth rate
Advantages of cooperate with Lici electric
We are ready to become the world's No. 1
  • R & D innovation core competitiveness
  • Large-scale manufacturing capacity
  • Complete, strong business bidding
  • Professional one-stop service capabilities
  • The endorsement of Top 500 companies
Mode of cooperation: build up the business community
Based on provinces, municipalities as the geographical units, the establishment of regional integrated operating service system, providing sole proprietorship, joint ventures, professional management and other forms of cooperation.
  • Sole proprietorship
    Independent operation of the company agents
  • Joint venture
    Independent operation co-financing to share profitability
  • Operating
    Lici electric Inc. Joint venture & co-operation
Industry alliance
Integration of each party’s products,sales channels, marketing, services, etc., the delivery of the total solution, share resources to achieve win-win situation.
  • Product
    Provide the overall solution for injection molding
  • Channels
    Shared channel resources to reduce business cost
  • Service
    Jointly provide a complete service system
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